A Harmonious Workplace: Getting Along with Others

        The workplace of today has changed dramatically from the workplace of yesterday. Today’s workplace is a melting pot, rich with ethnic, racial, religious, cultural, age and gender diversity. In addition, every employee brings his or her own personal traits to the workplace: his or her own talents and skills, values, expectations, work ethic, preconceived ideas and prejudices. In light of these many differences, the pursuit to create a harmonious workplace can be quite challenging, yet of utmost importance.

         This workshop will focus on the importance of getting along with co-workers in the workplace. We will explore the benefits of a harmonious workplace in terms of productivity, morale and staff performance.  We will outline skills for improving interpersonal relationships with co-workers; focusing on professionalism, respect, flexibility, compromise, cooperation, and communication.  In addition, we will explore methods to resolve conflicts if and when they arise.  The issue of difficult personalities will be addressed.  The workshop will conclude with discussion about harassment and bullying in the workplace, including the legal implications for both the individual as well as the agency involved.