Conducting a Legally Sound Employment Interview

        With the unfortunate but ever present high staff turnover rates in the child care industry, hardly a day goes by for administrative staff when they are not scheduling, conducting or thinking about upcoming interviews. During the actual interview, administrators are generally under the gun to find someone quickly to fill a vacated spot so as not to be out of ratio. They are typically less concerned with the legal ramifications for their interview technique and questions. In this seminar participants will look at questions that should never be asked and ways to word questions in a non-discriminatory manner. We will discuss how to conduct a legally sound interview by using a script and using an interview team. Also, we will discuss what should and should not be written in the administrators notes. Participants will be engaged in a brief activity whereby they develop and ask the presenter interview questions for various positions to test the soundness of the questions and to identify how a question may elicit information from the interviewee that may be considered protected.