Cyberspace Identities – Keeping Up with this New Frontier

       Cyberspace is an exciting new frontier. People can now recreate themselves in what seems to be a consequence free medium. Due to the lack of personal contact, people often feel free to be bold, confrontational and/or more outrageous on their personal websites and/or blog then they would be in person. Many people have not considered the downside to such a free and anonymous environment which has created a new area of concern for employers. In addition to issues with business image and moral character, employers are faced with disclosure of confidential information issues and the potential for predatory acts against children when classroom photographs are placed on personal websites. Employers now need to consider adopting policies and conducting trainings related to these issues. This seminar will address what to include in a personnel policy and/or staff training and the potential liability for the program and the employee related to this issue. Discussion will center around conveying a message of professional responsibility to employees in an attempt to get them to understand the consequences of posting certain information online. Finally, we will look at how employer’s can use the internet in the hiring process in a positive way to screen potential employees.