Kindergarten…….Ready or Not, Here I Come???

      In this country, the vast majority of children, as they reach or approach the age of five will attend kindergarten as their entry into the primary or elementary school setting.  As a result, the concept of “kindergarten readiness” is often raised by bother teachers and/or parents. This is especially true today as we now have an increasingly diverse kindergarten population.  This workshop will discuss, as well as define, kindergarten readiness and why it is often an important consideration.  We will look into the developmental areas addressed when discussing readiness, as well as explore parent and teacher conceptions of readiness.  We will also address the effects child care has on kindergarten readiness.  In addition, we will explore risk factors that may affect a successful kindergarten experience. This workshop will conclude with a discussion of the new trend towards “school readiness” rather the readiness of young children.