Piercings, thongs and Tattoos…OH my! – An Administrator’s Guide to Dress Codes

        An employee’s personal appearance speaks volumes to supervisors, co-workers, the children and maybe most importantly to the parents of enrolled children. Today, many Early Care and Education Programs struggle in their attempts to get employees to dress in a professional manner that is appropriate for the work they do everyday. Many owners and administrators battle with their employees daily over clothing that is too short, too tight, too trendy and/or too low cut. Then there are the tattoos, piercings, fingernails…not to mention footwear! Many employers are unsure of their right to limit, restrict and/or forbid certain types of clothing, jewelry and body art. This seminar will delve into the world of Dress Codes do’s and don’ts and will help employers determine what kind of policy is most appropriate for their program. We will consider what different Dress Code policies “say” about a program. We will review case law regarding an employer’s right to restrict and/or forbid certain types of clothing. We will also discuss the legal requirements requiring accommodation for religious dress. This seminar will give an overview of all issues related to dress at work…from head to toe.