Ronald V. McGuckin and Associates is proud of our Early Care and Education Retainer
Program which offers special hourly rates to ECE Programs for legal services. Ronald V.
McGuckin and Associates is a law firm which has specialized in representing Early Care and
Education Programs in Pennsylvania for over 30 years. Our team of attorneys is licensed to
practice in both PA and NJ. We also have Consulting Agreements with Programs in many
states across the nation, including TX, IL, FL and AK.

Ronald V. McGuckin and Associates has extensive experience in representing the interests
of ECE Programs, handling matters ranging from EEOC claims, Licensing Hearings, Private
Law Suits filed by parents, Unemployment Compensation, Corporate Law, Wrongful Termination
and Child Abuse Claims against Agencies as well as against individual providers. In addition
to representing our clients in the midst of a legal action, we provide thorough support to
assist our clients before situations rise to the level of litigation. Our philosophy is to educate
our clients so they avoid unnecessary, and often expensive law suits.

As a benefit of becoming part of our ECE Retainer Program clients receive special reduced
hourly rates, support and guidance on day to day operating issues, and guaranteed representation
when legal issues arise. Special Reduced Hourly Rates are only available when enrolling
PRIOR to having any major legal issue which requires representation.

Ronald V. McGuckin and Associates is currently accepting a limited number of new ECE
Retainer clients on a first come first served basis from Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Acceptance
in this program is contingent upon completion of a Retainer Agreement and payment of
a Retainer Fee. The Retainer Fee is based upon number of employees, employed by your
agency. The Retainer Fee does not need to be re-paid on a yearly basis as with other firms, but
carries over from year to year until it is exhausted. Clients will receive a statement detailing the
amount of retainer used and retainer balance for any month in which they use the services of
the firm. The Retainer Fees and hourly rates are outlined on the application page. We are always
accepting Consulting Clients from the other 48 states.

If you are interested in participating in this open enrollment or would like more information
on the firm, please complete the attached application and return via fax or mail to the
above listed fax number or address or contact Dawn K. Martini.

Ronald V. McGuckin and Associates looks forward to providing specialized legal services
to Early Care and Education Providers for years to come.