Strategic Planning In Early Care and Education Programs

       Strategic Planning has become an integral part of the child care industry.  Child care centers all over the country, especially those in states with quality initiative programs, have begun to make charting the course of their businesses a priority.  In an effort to promote and sustain quality early care and education programs, non-profit organizations such as the United Way have invested large quantities of money in the child care industry in the area of Strategic Planning.  At its core, a Strategic Plan is a road map for the company.  Strategic Planning is a process whereby the Owner/BOD of an agency set out to chart the course of the business and make plans for its future.  The agency’s position is reviewed and goals are set in relation to various indicators including: Agency Mission, Financial Stability, Range of Services Provided, Facilities, Population Served, and Administrative/Human Resource Systems.  Participants in this seminar will learn about the Strategic Planning Process including conducting a complete program/agency review.  Participants will be engaged in discussions related to goal setting and will be given strategies for how to assemble a Strategic Planning Team, promote the open flow of ideas and tips on how to organize and write a Strategic Plan.