Teaching Children Public Speaking Skills

       Public Speaking is a task which the majority of adults fear more than death.  Yet, in our high school and college careers as well as in our professional lives most people are called upon to give presentations, lectures and or speeches.  Engaging children in this activity at an early age in a stress free, pressure free environment where they can be successful will help them be more comfortable with this necessary task as they progress in their school and professional careers.   This seminar will discuss activities and projects for pre-school and school age children which can be included in the curriculum in an effort to help children become comfortable speaking in front of groups of their peers.  Many children are naturally comfortable in front of others.  However, some children are painfully shy even at a young age.  On the other side of the spectrum, some child are “over talkers” who can not organize or edit their thoughts.  This seminar will discuss activities and strategies to bring out the painfully child and to reel in the “over talker” so they both can experience success.